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Digitaltag 2020

As part of the nationwide Digital Day ( on Friday, June 19, 2020, the association "Digitales Hannover" will start an open zoom conference on the topic "InsightSeeing: Kasko, Krankenversorgung & Kunst: AI in Einsatz" at 15.30 hrs. In addition to the L3S, the following are also involved: the Havfen start-up community, the HDI insurance company, the Hannover Medical School, the Institute of Medical Informatics, the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools, the Lower Saxony Foundation, the artists "Franz Betz".

Dr. Daniel Kudenko from L3S will introduce the current AI research and give the participants an insight into the state of the art, but also into the risks of AI and how these are addressed with modern methods.

Viewers can join via the following YouTube channel of Digitales Hannover

Watch the trailer