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Prof. Katja Markert


Prof. Katja Markert, holder of the Chair of Computational Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg, will spend a research semester at the International Leibniz Future Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in Hanover, one of the three BMBF-funded International Future Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence in Germany, starting in May 2020.

Katja Markert works both in linguistically oriented areas of computational linguistics, in particular anaphoric resolution and the recognition of visual language, and in application-oriented areas, in particular automatic text summary and sentiment analysis. Recent work in the field of summaries focuses on the aggregation of large document collections into long-running events, the so-called timeline summary.

During her six-month research stay, she will work together with L3S researchers on the interaction of timeline summary with information retrieval, multilingual timeline summary and the automatic extension of Wikipedia articles.