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Students of the AI-Competition team at the Institute for Information Processing (TNT) and L3S have taken seventh place in the international AI competition Battlecode. In total, more than 600 student teams from all over the world competed. Battlecode is a real-time strategy game in which two AIs compete against each other.  The competition is organized by MIT and is held annually with a new motto. This year the focus was on global warming and rising sea levels.

Hannes Küttner, Simon Reuß and Maximilian Schier developed the successful AI from Hanover over four weeks in the laboratory "Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence in Games". The team with the name Bagger288 reached the top 4 of the international teams in the preliminary round and thus qualified for the final at MIT in Cambridge.

The AI-Competition-Team is funded by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Students are given the chance to apply the knowledge they have learned at university in a practical way.

Further information about Battlecode

The finals were broadcast on Twitch: