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Leibniz Future Lab on Aritifical Intelligence

Scientific excellence thrives on the exchange with the best in the world. In the Leibniz Future Lab in Hanover, eight professors from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and California, five L3S professors from Leibniz University and Hanover Medical School and twelve additional doctoral students will spend two years researching new topics in artificial intelligence and developing intelligent solutions for personalised medicine from summer 2020 and winter 2021 respectively.

The L3S had previously participated successfully in a competition of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the establishment of International Future Laboratories.  There, excellent scientists from all over the world will work together on current research and development issues in artificial intelligence. The L3S convinced with its research concept on intelligent, reliable and responsible systems - the guiding theme of the L3S - and with an application focus on personalized medicine.