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19 June 2019: International Data Spaces for Industry 4.0


industry event with founding of the IDSA Competence Center

Why are data sovereignty and data-based business models of great importance for the competitiveness of the German and international economy? How can data exchange between companies be supported along the value chain? The International Data Spaces (IDS) will provide answers to these questions. IDS will be the main focus of the the industry event on 19 June 2019, to which the Leibniz Information Centre for Technology and Natural Sciences (TIB) and the L3S Research Centre invites people from industry in the premises of TIB. State Secretary Dr. Sabine Johannsen will open the event. The industry event will establish the framework for the foundation of the "IDSA Competence Center" at the L3S Research Center.

In the opening keynote, Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the International Data Spaces Association, will present “IDS as a smart data infrastructure for future AI applications”. Keynote speeches from industry and science will showcase how the IDS data architecture supports the safe data exchange and enables the potential for creating new value. Applications from the automotive industry and industry 4.0 will be presented: Dr. Michael Nolting will present the potential of AI for the automotive industry, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Berend Denkena will give a talk on data integration in industry 4.0, Dr. Sebastian Tramp will give a speech on semantic data representation in IDS. Prof. Dr. Sören Auer will give a talk from a research perspective: "Boost 4.0" is the largest European research project on Big Data in Industry 4.0. In the Boost 4.0 project, a European industrial data space is being set up to help the manufacturing industry use Big Data and thus increase its competitiveness. IIP-Ecosphere is developing an AI ecosystem, aiming thus to link industry, SMEs and research.

The foundation of the IDSA Competence Center at the L3S Research Center marks the end of the event. The Competence Center will exchange best practices, work on concrete use cases as well as offer training and the IDS data architecture as a basis for new AI applications.

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