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AMA at Hannover Messe 2019

HANNOVER MESSE: L3S presented projects on ML qualification and data analysis with knowledge graphs


At HANNOVER MESSE, the Applied Machine Learning Academy (AMA) presented its training programme for industry at the stand of Leibniz Universität Hannover. Many visitors took the opportunity to try out the learning environments and test their "digital fitness" in quiz form. The tests contain information about basic methods of machine learning and their use in industry as well as legal aspects of data processing. In addition, some workpieces were exhibited at the booth as examples of intelligent production. Demo videos illustrated how digitization can be implemented at industrial workplaces.

At the booth "Innovationsland Niedersachsen" , TIB and L3S presented research projects from the Joint Lab dealing with the analysis of big data using knowledge graphs. In complex contexts, these graphs can support knowledge discovery and simplify decision-making processes. Science Minister Björn Thümler visited the stand and had the projects explained to him in more detail.




Minister Björn Thümler besucht den TIB/L3S-Stand der HANNOVER MESSE 2019