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The research of the SocialCars Research Training Group is concerned with significantly improving the urban compatibility of future road traffic through cooperative approaches. "How can the individual players in road traffic make optimal use of the transport infrastructure so that safety is increased and congestion and environmental pollution are avoided?" This is the core question that examines the interaction of central (system-optimal) control and decentralized (user-optimal) action.

SocialCars Vision: Urban traffic management.
The cooperation of specialists from the three universities of Hannover, Braunschweig and Clausthal at the Niedersächsische Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik (NFF) offers ideal conditions for the interdisciplinary research required to solve the research questions in SocialCars. It includes the disciplines of geodesy/geoinformatics, computer science, communication technology, traffic planning, traffic psychology, business informatics and industrial engineering.
With their respective subject-specific competencies, the participating scientists cover the above-mentioned research fields from traffic management, dynamic geo-databases and communication technology to the modelling of decentralised decisions and cooperation procedures. The PhD candidates’ main workplace will be in the new research building of the Niedersächsischen Forschungszentrums Fahrzeugtechnik (NFF). There they will find an inspiring environment for close interdisciplinary cooperation and where they will be able to acquire advanced skills from colleagues in the fields of mobility, transport and automotive engineering. At the same time, they also have a workplace at their respective home institutes at the three university locations where they have their original professional embedding. Thus the Research Training Group offers a substantial extension and deepening of the doctoral training for the strategic focus on mobility and transport.