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Together with numerous project- and cooperation partners, we have developed manifold steps, by pointing out milestones in cumulating the research work interdisciplinary and expending the strategy points at the location of Hannover.

Our international research culture is qualified by an increasing amount of topics in the field of WebScience and its innovative project ideas. This is confirmed by the high ratio of international conference participation and high ranking publications in the community. Despite our success, we never lose the view towards the things, which matters us in our society, in addition.

Important is for us, what are we able to affect in the presence in regard to the future!!! Besides the research, we feel responsible of human beings, who live besides “the middle of the society”. Therefore, in 2011, we have bought 100 Advents calendar of the AuE-Kreativschule in Hanover. With 3 Euro for each calendar, we support this non-profit organization, which offers handicap people a creative platform for their self-development. About the work of the AuE, Kreativschule, please find out more under

Together with the management of AuE-Kreativschule, Sabrina Gebhard, Prof. Nejdl, executive director of L3S, is grateful to have identified this fruitful and altruistic cooperation in 2011.