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Prof. Wolfgang Nejdl – Executive Director of L3S - represents the L3S in the WSTNet Board of Directors. WSTNet membership brings access to a vibrant network and an ‘option’ on a world class research capability.

WSTNet combines some of the world’s leading academic researchers in Web Science, with new academic programs that will enhance the already growing influence of Web Science. Through a number of specific agreements and commitments with the Web Science Trust, which will manage WSTNet, the member Labs will provide valuable support for the ongoing development of Web Science. There are ten founding WSTNet labs.

Contributions from the Labs will include the organization and hosting of summer schools, workshops and meetings, including the WebSci conference series. The WSTNet labs will also identify new opportunities for additional events and fundraising, all as part of the ongoing development of Web Science.

The 10 founding WSTNet labs are

Annenberg Network of Networks, University of Southern California
Decentralized Information Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Prof Sir Tim Berners-Lee)
Department of Computer Science, VU Amsterdam
Digital Enterprise Research Institute, NUI Galway
Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST), Universität Koblenz-Landau
Oxford Internet Institute
SONIC Lab, Northwestern University
Tsinghua-Southampton Web Science Laboratory at Shenzhen
Web Science Research Centre, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Web Science Research Group, University of Southampton ( Prof. Dame Wendy Hall)

New members in 2011

KAIST Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
L3S Research Centre, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH)

The benefit for L3S is to be part of a leading network of labs, advancing the area of Web Science, similar to a Network of Excellence. Therewith, as Prof. Nejdl mentioned lately, the L3S is endeavoring to increase research collaboration and research visits, possibly joint project proposals.To be part of the networlk is a global research partnership.

More information about Web Science Network of Laboratories (WSTNet):