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The digital networking of people, infrastructure and mobility carriers enables innovative solutions that sustainably change conventional mobility. Intelligent networking and big-data analytics can optimize the mobility parameters of road users and systems, as well as the mobility environment as a whole. Autonomous cars require a real-time understanding of the environment, the ability to adapt to a wide variety of conditions and the exchange of information about road users.


5GAPS – 5G Zugang zu öffentlichen Räumen

 A platform for real-time multi-attribute space capture and multi-dimensional object positioning.


Platform for real-time vehicle data campaigns




A highly optimized hardware/software module library for intelligent sensor systems in highly automated driver assistance applications based on the reconfigurable Dream Chip Technologies DCT10A SoM platform




Prediction of electric vehicle charging demand as business enabler






Data4UrbanMobility focuses on facilitating innovative mobility services and mobility-related infrastructure development in smart cities through comprehensive data analytics







Establishing and achieving sustainable targets in Eastern Chinese cities




Zukunftslabor Mobilität

In the future lab mobility, the L3S investigates communication-based fusion of sensor data of different vehicles to achieve a collective perception






Intelligent fusion of radar and video sensors for demanding, highly automated driving situations






The goal of the Simple-ML project is to significantly improve the usability of Machine Learning processes in order to make them more accessible for a braod user group





Ensure traceability, trust, security, and privacy in data economy