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Medical research and therapy have been increasingly IT-supported and networked. The aim is to enable a treatment adapted to individual patient needs (personalization) and put the patient at the center of the effort (patient orientation). This requires the collection and processing of mainly personal and often sensitive data and their transmission, not infrequently across national borders, and thus the cooperation of physicians, computer scientists and lawyers.



Building an analytics framework for precision microbiology to fight biofilm-associated infections





Big Data for Cochlea Implants

Understanding Cochlear Implant Outcome Variability using Big Data and Machine Learning Approaches


 Application of Big data technologies for supporting more efficient and effective healthcare systems


BRaunschweig ENzyme DAtabase ist das weltweit größte Informationssystem für biochemische, molekularbiologische und funktionale Enzymdaten


Coding of Sequencing Data

New coding methods allow sequencing data to be streamed



The Future Lab „Health“

Medical research and health care are facing a fundamental revolution due to increasing digitalization



Bringing together the largest well-characterized regional, national and international longitudinal cohorts of patients with Primary Sjögren Syndrome (pSS)






Big Data for precision medicine




Internationales Zukunftslabor Künstliche Intelligenz

International Future Lab for Artificial Intelligence





A voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant for clinics