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Innovation durch Forschung

Cyber crime has been increasing - with a strong focus on companies. Together with the Kriminologisches Forschungsinstitut Niedersachsen (KFN), L3S started an extensive study on cyber attacks against companies by conducting a large-scale survey and field studies.

Around 40 students from different parts of the world attended the WSTNET Web Science Summer School held at L3S  from 30.07.18 to 04.08.18. Students benefited from a rich program that combined a thematically diverse set of inspiring keynote talks, detailed tutorials, lectures and group work.

In the last week of June, an interdisciplinary team from computer science, social sciences, law and philosophy came together at Schloss Dagstuhl to discuss the past and present of the Web as a complex sociotechnical system and the role of artificial intelligence in shaping its future.

Dr. Stefanie Büchner will be granted a Freigeist-Fellowship of the Volkswagen-Stiftung. The research group „Digital Cases“ will start their work in December at L3S and the Institute of Sociology at Leibniz University. The research will be on structural effects of digitisation in organisations working with cases, like hospitals, social services or courts.