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L3S Team received The Best Paper Award at the TPDL 2017 Conference

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 09:04

The paper "RussianFlu-DE: A German Corpus for a Historical Epidemic with Temporal Annotation", authored by Dr.Tran Van Canh, Prof. Katja Markert, and Prof. Wolfgang Nejdl, was awarded The Best Paper Award at the TPDL 2017 Conference.

The paper introduces RussianFlu-DE, a temporally annotated corpus of articles extracted from noisy OCR text of newspaper issues in German. All articles are about the Russian flu epidemic that took place during 1889-1893. The authors describe the development of RussianFlu-DE, including methods to clean different types of noise in the OCR text, and their tool for extracting Russian flu related articles. In addition, the task of temporal annotation is discussed. To show how their contribution supports epidemiology, they present some preliminary yet interesting results obtained from analyzing the articles in RussianFlu-DE. The  paper is available at: