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LUH Data Science Lab LUH Data Science Lab: New platform bundles research initiatives

Leibniz Universität Hannover is pooling its research activities in the field of data science: institutions - including L3S - and individuals dedicated to research in this area have set up the LUH D

Transfer von KI-Forschung in die Produktion Collaboration in IIP-Ecosphere - Calls for students

The IIP-Ecosphere project offers students the opportunity to work on current issues of artificial intelligence in production as part of their Bachelor's and Master's theses.

Prof. Matthias Müller New Member: Prof. Matthias Müller Joins the L3S

Among the new members this year is Prof. Matthias Müller.

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Becker New member: Prof. Maximilian Becker joins L3S

This year we were once again able to welcome new members to the L3S. Prof. Dr. Maximilian Becker joined the L3S in May.

Binaire Schriftzug Binaire: The latest issue on the Digital Innovation Hub for AI and Cybersecurity is available online

With the advancement of digitalisation, SMEs also have to rely on the latest technologies in order to remain competitive.

KI in Industrie AI accelerated - IIP-Ecosphere at the annual conference "AI in industrial production"

On 23 and 24 September 2021, the annual conference "AI in Industrial Production" will take place virtually addressing all manufacturing companies, their managing directors, plant

Group of students AutoML Fall School starts in November

Although interest in automated machine learning (AutoML) is growing exponentially, AutoML is rarely taught at universities and there is a large gap between the current state of re