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L3S visits the 2013 PhD-Workshop in Beijing

The workshop provides leading overseas universities an opportunity to meet top graduates from the most prestigious colleges and universities across China.

3rd ITIS-Welcome Day at the L3S

A mix of competent contributions, poster presentations and discussions completed the program. It was the shared aim to answer open questions and to offer a first get to know each other.

LUH-President nominates the L3S as “Leibniz Research Center”

In the case of large research projects the participating scientists can apply for the formal establishment of an interdisciplinary research centre.

Researchers are invited to help finding suitable baby names!

At the University of Kassel in Germany, the Knowledge & Data Engineering research group[a] has developed a search engine for baby names ‘ nameling ’ which already attracted more than 60,000 us

Goportis Conference 2013

In the research and education nowadays, the supply, use and significance of non-textual information such as 3D models, AV media and research data is continually increasing.

Co-organizing the TEFA 2013 Workshop at EC-TEL

The special interest group on Technology Enhanced Assessment and Feedback (SIG TEA) of the European Association of Technology-Enhanced Learning , together with two representatives of the L3S Resea

Basic research "web security" at L3S - L3S hosted its second parliamentary evening

The invitation was accepted by numerous guests from politics, science and business from the region. Prof. Dr.

L3S-Researcher Mark Kibanov is one of the Winners of the "The Idea contest Unikat '13"

With the Project LOCOMED - The System of Care-Relief - two researchers of the University of Hannover, Mark Kibanov, and of Kassel, Dr. Martin Atzmüller, won the idea contest Unikat 13.

L3S and LinkedUp promoting innovative Open Data applications

The LinkedUp project is promoting the use of open data through a range of activities.

ERC Advanced Grant “Alexandria” at L3S

The project is named after the Library of Alexandria, in Egypt, which was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world.