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Prof. Dr. Ziawasch Abidjan Prof. Dr. Ziawasch Abedjan is a new member of L3S

Ziawasch Abedjan is a Full Professor and chairs the „Databases and Information Systems“ group at Leibniz Universität Hannover.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl Interview for TK health insurance: Prof. Wolfgang Nejdl about the Leibniz AI Lab

For the newsletter TK spezial of the Techniker Krankenkasse, Prof. Dr.

Hochleistungsserver am L3S Powerful and efficient: Fastest high-performance server for AI installed at L3S

At L3S, the currently fastest high-performance computer for artificial intelligence (AI) goes into operation.

Dr. Elena Demidova Prof. Dr. Elena Demidova appointed to the Institute for Computer Science in Bonn

Prof. Dr. Elena Demidova has been appointed as university professor for Practical Computer Science, Data Science and Intelligent Systems at the University of Bonn for WS 2020/21.

Polizeipräsidium Ulm Fighting crime: L3S scientists and Ulm police exchange information on data analysis

The fight against organised crime remains an important and challenging task for law enforcement agencies.

Foto: Deutsche Messe AG Matchmaking event on 27 October 2020: IIP- Ecosphere networks manufacturing companies and AI start-ups

On 27 October, the AI-project IIP-Ecosphere (Next Level Ecosphere for Intelligent Industrial Production) will be holding a networking event on the topic of "Artificial Intelligenc

HAISEM-Lab HAISEM-Lab: Three webinars on the use of AI hardware and software will be held in September

The diverse use and constant development of artificial intelligence are changing IT systems and their development.

NVIDIA DGX A100 Double the computing power: L3S gets high-performance servers for AI research

As part of the IIP-Ecosphere project (funded by the BMWi), the L3S research center will soon put the NVIDIA DGX-A100 high-performance server into operation to develop innovative A

Uni Hannover Hauptgebäude Pixabay Leibniz University: Five professorships strengthen digitisation competence

Leibniz Universität Hannover is five times successful in the programme "Digitisation Professorships for Lower Saxony"!

Web Futures Web Futures: L3S member Prof. Eirini Ntoutsi belongs to the team of authors of the Manifesto 2020 for Web Science

Humans created the web, and the web has changed the world. More than four billion people use it in all areas of life.