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Prof. Dr. techn. Wolfgang Neidl
Prof. Dr. tech. Wolfgang Nejdl
nejdl () l3s ! de

Prof. Wolfgang Nejdl does research in the area of search and information retrieval, information systems, semantic web technologies, peer-to-peer infrastructures, databases, technology-enhanced learning and digital libraries. Some recent projects in the L3S context include the digital library EU projekct LiWA and ARCOMEM, investigation Web Archive management and advanced search in such an archive, the FET IP project LivingKnowledge, developing algorithms ans methods to handle and exploit diversity, bias and opinion on the Web, and GLOCAL project, focusing on event-based indexing of multimedia data on the Web. A recent started project, CUBRIK, develops algorithms ans systems for human-enhanced time-aware multimedia search. all together is structured in the L3S research field of Intelligent Access to Information (IAI)