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Das Teilprojekt Maths Beyond Text des Fachinformationsdienstes Mathematik untersucht den wissenschaftlichen Umgang von Software, wobei zu Beginn Referenzierung und Zitierung im Vordergrund stehen.


Scientific libraries play a twofold role: 
1. As service providers they offer access to resources. Access to digital resources must now be independent of time and location.
2. As research facilities they support scientists with information research: finding information and archiving research data in all forms. They also develop new tools to satisfy subject-specific information seeking behaviour.
Both aspects are considered in this project. As a particular use case we focus on software as a (so far) neglected form of research data.


The Mathematics Information Service’s subproject Maths Beyond Text follows the explicit desideratum of mathematicians to provide repositories, access, and publication standards to aggregate digital research data in the scientific working process.  

Challenges  & Highlights
In order to develop a comprehensive framework for software research data embedded in the research process, our first step is to collect best practices which may become standards along the way. At present, referencing and citation of software is scrutinised: Software developers often are not scientifically credited for their work. On the other hand, there is no standard to give credit to software developers by citation. Practical and widely used tools (e. g. GitHub) shall be embedded in the scientific working and publishing process.

Potential applications & future issues
The next step is a prototypical set-up for software in the research process: an institutional GitHub-like repository including referencing functionalities accepted by publishers and scientists (DOI). To cover proprietary software we also aim at archiving software documentation via web archives.


Helge Holzmann

Project type:
DFG Project
Project duration:
January 2015 – December 2017
Project research areas:

Library and Information Systems, Mathematical Knowledge Management

Project manager:
Helge Holzmann, Mila Runnwerth