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Annual Report 2011

“Web Science embraces the study of the Web as a vast information network of people and communities. It also includes the study of people and communities using the digital records of user activity mediated by the Web. An understanding of human behavior and social interaction can contribute to our understanding of the Web, and data obtained from the Web helps us to understand human behavior and social interaction. Accordingly, Web Science involves analysis and design of Web architecture and applications, as well as studies of the people, organizations, and policies that shape and are shaped by the Web.”

Annual Report 2010

Regarding advanced university education, L3S has been very active during the last year in establishing and supporting the new international M.Sc. and Ph.D. Program ITIS, which focuses on Internet Technologies and Information Systems. Within the ITIS program, researchers and professors from four Lower Saxony universities, Braunschweig, Clausthal, Göttingen, and Hannover, are offering a wide range of courses in the areas of Distributed Systems and Algorithms, Networking and Communication, and Databases and Information Systems.

Annual Report 2009

The L3S Research Center is at the forefront of this new field of research, called Web Science.The goal of the research conducted at the  L3S Research Center is to develop innovative methods and technologies that enable intelligent, seamless access to information via the Web, support and link together individuals and communities across all areas of the knowledge society – including academia and education and connect the Internet to the real world and its entities.