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Das Forschungszentrum L3S und die Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) richten vom 5. bis 9. September 2016 unter dem Titel „Overcoming the Limits of Digital Archives” die 20th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL) im Hannover Congress Centrum (HCC) in Hannover aus. Die englischsprachige Konferenz bietet ein umfangreiches Programm zu aktuellen und zukünftigen Entwicklungen im Bereich Digitale Bibliothek, Archiven und deren Anwendungen. Erwartet werden 300 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer sowie viele namhafte Experten aus Europa und Übersee.

Es können Beiträge in den Kategorien Full Papers, Short Papers, Posters and Demonstrations, Workshops, Tutorials, Panels und für das Doctoral Consortium für die TPDL 2016 unter anderem zu folgenden Themen eingereicht werden:

  • Connecting digital libraries:
  • Practice of digital libraries
  • Digital libraries in science
  • Users, communities, personal data
  • Specialized Tracks (zu Digital Humanties, e-Infrastructures, Creativity und Multimedia)

Ausführliche Informationen zum Call for Contributions und den jeweiligen Fristen finden Sie unter www.tpdl2016.org.

Imagine a service that relieves us from the task of selecting leisure activities from a wide variety of offers relevant to our personal interests – at home or on the go. A service that brings us together with people who share the same leisure interests and that helps us planning our activities while not forgetting about our privacy. Furthermore, imagine a service that supports the trustbuilding between users who are foreign to each other. That is where the prospective business start-up Happenizer comes into play.

The LinkedUp team invites anyone, from researchers and students, to developers and businesses, to join the first 'Veni' competition. Anyone can participate by building prototypes, demos and innovative tools that exploit, use, integrate or analyse large scale web data for educational use.

Some very attractive prizes are only one reason to join and participate in the challenge. It is also a great opportunity to work with a large, documented repository of linked datasets that the LinkedUp team is putting together. The consortium is also able to offer dedicated access to so far non-public resources. The challenge allows participants to showcase their ideas and solutions to a wide community of researchers and practitioners. For businesses as well as researchers, this will be a great opportunity to present their company and enhance their network. For people working in academia, the challenge will provide a wealth of material and opportunities for experiments and publications.

While the LinkedUp team already identified and connected many educational and non-educational resources to work with, participants can also use and connect their own material or other data sources. Anyone is free to showcase their creativity and solutions as long as the application is relevant to education in the broadest sense of the word. There are also some high profile use cases of established organisations made available that can serve as inspiration for innovative applications. Join today!

- Find out about the LinkedUp challenge: http://linkedup-challenge.org/
- Subscribe to our mailinglist: https://www.L3S.de/mailman/listinfo/linkedup-public
- Follow @linkedupproject and #linkedupproject : http://twitter.com/linkedupproject
- Contact us directly: http://linkedup-project.eu/contact/
- Get more information about the LinkedUp Project: http://linkedup-project.eu/

Important dates
- March 2013: Launch of the Challenge
- May 2013: Release of the comprehensive LinkedUp dataset
- 27 June 2013: Submission deadline
- 1 September 2013: Notifications and Nominations
- 17 September 2013: Presentations and award ceremony

Join the challenge today!

Aufgeteilt in zwei Themenschwerpunkte, präsentierten ITIS-Studierende im ersten Block ihre Forschungsprojekte in einer Poster-Session:

  • Claudia Orellana (Hannover): Exploiting Social Features to Improve Video Retrieval (Cubrik)
  • Shining Wu (Göttingen): "NCShield: Securing Decentralized, Matrix Factorization-Based Network Coordinate Systems"
  • Mohamad Hotait (Göttingen): Investigation of DoS attacks on the MAC layer in wireless networks
  • Md. Khaled Hossain Ansary (Hannover): Tweet Contextualization (INEX 2013)
  • Kinda El Maarry (Braunschweig): Incomplete Data and Skyline Queries Heuristics and Opportunities for Crowd-sourcing

Der zweite Block war dem positiven wie auch kritischen Feedback der Studierenden gewidmet: Nach einer ersten Bestandsaufnahme mit der Studiengangskoordinatorin, konnten sie im Anschluss ihre Eindrücke der verschiedenen Lehrveranstaltungen sowie Verbesserungswünsche mit den Dozenten besprechen.

In the research and education nowadays, the supply, use and significance of non-textual information such as 3D models, AV media and research data is continually increasing. Due to change in user needs and behavior and heterogeneity of these non-textual materials, there is a need for discussion about the central challenges that the digital society is facing on these topics. Only a tiny proportion of these non-textual materials for example can be searched and used at this present time.

We would like to invite you to our international conference with speakers who are in step with actual practices and will show in which direction the development of non-textual information is heading. Take the opportunity to be updated and to network with colleagues from all over the world.

Goportis as your host is the Network of the German National Libraries of Science and Technology (TIB in Hannover), Medicine (ZB MED in Cologne/Bonn) and Economics (ZBW in Kiel/Hamburg). We offer research-based services to support scientific working processes.