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TEDxMaschsee: Optimal Connection, a Challenge for Technology or People?

Montag, Januar 11, 2016 - 12:21

The next TEDxMaschsee event on 22 January 2016 will discuss exciting ways of communication: The possibility of a better world where we have different ways of communications and how these new advancements which are already happening in technology can make life on this planet better. On the other hand, we already know that we have lots of problems with the current technology of communication (electro-magnetic radiation etc.). But, even if we have achieved the optimal way of communication, does it have other side effects apart from its benefits? Does it impact relationships among human beings? Could it impact expectations we have towards each other? TEDxMaschsee will discuss what kind of life we want and how technology needs to be developed to fit our vision of life!

Event Title: Optimal Connection, a Challenge for Technology or People?
Friday, 22. Januar 2016
19:00 - 22:00

Pavillon Kultur- und Kommunikationszentrum­

Lister Meile 4, 30161 Hannover