Quality Labeling of Web Content: The Quatro approach

V. Karkaletsis† , A. Perego‡ , P. Archer¤ , K. Stamatakis† , P. Nasikas† , D. Rose§

† NCSR Demokritos
‡ Universita Degli Studi di Milano
§ Coolwave Limited
contact : pnas@iit.demokritos.gr

The Quatro Project

The Quatro Project

QUATRO means quality labeling of web content ,it is an on-going EC-funded project which aims to :

The Quatro Approach

  • Label is applied to Resources and can have Restrictions for more fine grained description.
  • Label Generation : User (icra) , Authority (iqua,wma)
  • Label Validation : Match labels contents from website and Labelling Authority database
  • User Notification : User friendly icons and interface ,option for more verbose description.

The Quatro RDF vocabulary

The Quatro vocabulary is divided into four categories:

  • General Criteria, such as whether the labelled site uses clear language that is fit for purpose, includes a privacy statement, data protection contact point etc.
  • Criteria for labelling to ensure accuracy of information such as the content provider's credentials and appropriate disclosure of funding.
  • Criteria for labelling to ensure compliance with rules and legislation for e-business such as fair marketing practices and measures to protect children.
  • Terms used in operating the trust mark scheme itself such as the date the label was issued, when it was last reviewed and by whom.

Specialized Vocabularies

The Quatro project partners have developed domain specific vocabularies :

  • ICRA : nudity,sexual content,violence,explicit language,user generated content.
  • IQUA : Integrity , Responsibility , Confidentiality , Protection of Human Dignity / Public Order / Intellectual and Industrial Propery Rights
  • WMA : Oriented towards medical content and services.

The Quatro Architecture

  • ViQ : Browser pluging
  • LADI : Search Engine Wrapper
  • Quapro : Proxy Server
  • DAcc : Labelling Authority Interface

The Quatro Architecture


  • Browser plugin developed for Firefox (soon for IE and Opera)
  • ViQ , LADI , DAcc access Quapro using web services (wsdl soon to be published)
  • Heavy usage of SPARQL (through Jena)
  • Components implementations in several languages (currently Java, .net , perl , php)

Next Steps


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