Introduction to the Semantic Web

A lecture at the TENCompetence Winter School


The Semantic Web envisions a new generation Web where data is self describable, where implicit knowledge may be inferred and where agents may autonomously work on our behalf. This session intends to provide a gentle introduction to the Semantic Web from both theoretical and practical perspective. We will introduce the limitations of the current Web and describe some of the basic concepts and languages of the Semantic Web including RDF/S models and SPARQL query language. After these, a more advanced look into the Semantic Web potential will be given by exploring SPARQL queries with preferences as well as some basic reasoning techniques (e.g., based on Description Logics) and the languages associated (e.g., OWL).



In order to make the exercises of the lecture it is required to have previously installed the following software:

To avoid delays in case internet connection is not working, please download the following files: