iCrawl downloads

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
[   ]icrawl-1.0-RC6-src.tar.gz2015-02-13 10:40 104MSource for iCrawl 1.0.RC6
[   ]icrawl-1.0-RC6-src.zip2015-02-13 10:40 112MSource for iCrawl 1.0.RC6
[   ]icrawl-1.0-RC6.tar.bz22015-02-13 10:45 416MPackaged version of iCrawl 1.0.RC6
[   ]icrawl-1.0.RC1-src.tar.gz2014-11-13 10:17 104MSource for iCrawl 1.0.RC1
[   ]icrawl-1.0.RC1-src.zip2014-11-13 10:17 112MSource for iCrawl 1.0.RC1
[   ]icrawl-1.0.RC1.tar.gz2014-11-13 10:07 433MPackaged version of iCrawl 1.0.RC1
This directory contains the downloads for the iCrawl system. See
<http://icrawl.l3s.uni-hannover.de/> for more information about the
iCrawl project, setup instructions and the user guide.

Files ending in '-src.zip' or '-src.tar.gz' contain the source code
of the system. You need a working JDK and Maven installation to 
compile and run those versions.

Other files contain a precompiled version that includes all dependencies.