Lecture: Security in Web-Based Systems


Location: Room 3703 023 (Multimedia lecture hall, Appelstr. 4, Ground floor, back entrance)


Lecture: Friday, 8:15am-9:45am, first lecture: 2007-10-12

Exercise: Wednesday, 9:00am-9:45am, Room 3703 023, first exercise: 2007-10-17



More information

Material for the lecture (such as slides or the material for the exercises) are available on the stud.ip portal of the Universität Hannover

Educational objectives

The lecture "Security in Web-Based Systems" is focused on the basics of security in distributed systems such as those based on Internet technologies. There is a large variety of mechanisms to ensure security including, for example, encryption, key distribution, authentication, protocols, and trust negotiation. This lecture will at first provide an overview of security in distributed systems including the different threats that arise from the distributed nature of such systems. Furthermore, it will examine in detail the concepts being most relevant for such systems, for example, encryption or security protocols. This will include example applications where these concepts can actually be found today, such as Internet browsers, email clients etc. Finally, the lecture will also show briefly selected current problems and latest developments, for example in the area of trust negotiation or email spam avoidance. Hence, the lecture supplements existing lectures in the area of Internet technologies where security is becoming a more and more important.

Content (to be refined)

Contact: Jörg Diederich and Daniel Olmedilla