Hmmm... Some interesting links should come here...

        Since we need to keep in touch with reality, here are some places I use for an update:

  • Google News - Always up2date, but still with some errors, as it is automatic
  • Google Blog Reader - This is just to collect news from some search engine related blogs
  • Ziua - Romanian liberal newspaper. Sometimes it is too much against the socialists, but still alright.
  • Gandul - Another Romanian newspaper, more neutral
  • MediaFax - Romanian News Agency, socialist-oriented (i.e. bad), but updated very often

I don't surf too much, but some things are useful... and thus you might need them:

If you would like to read something, I would recommend these two guys:

  • Paulo Coelho - I did not like the last book (Zahir), but I would really suggest The Alchemist, and The Devil and Mrs. Prim
  • John Keegan - This is a nice historian

Some persons have time to put together more interesting things on their sites... So, if you want to see them, check out some of my friends' pages:

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