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       Hi, visitor! Welcome to my site!

         If you want to get to know me a bit, here is a brief life story so far: I was born in Bucharest, Romania, about 26 years ago. Even though I like traveling, I spent most of my time in Romania, especially until I finished high school. During my University years, I moved to Paris, France for one year (between September 2000 and August 2001), then back to Bucharest, and then to Hannover, Germany, where I have been living since March 2003.

         You may explore the links to find out some details about my work. For the quick impression, I have also put together a list of general work guidelines which I would follow and recommend:

  1. Think economical: Research is for the masses.

  2. Think simple: After all, simplicity is the most complex accomplishment.

  3. Quality is very important, but "perfect" is usually wrong: Think about the 80/20 rule for this one. Speed is a very important factor in the nowadays economy.

  4. Think structural: You need to organize your stuff in order to be efficient.

  5. Be friendly: It requires much more effort to be nice and helpful, than to be mean and selfish, but it pays off.

         Enjoy the rest of my site!

         You might also want to check out below the (bad) weather from Hannover and (the nice one from) Bucharest:



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