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Leibniz Connections
Motion Capture

The Groove Garden on the north shore at Hannovers Maschsee Lake Festival will be the host of the panel discussion "Digital Loveable City" from 16:00 – 18:00 on the 15th of August. Companies and initiatives from the city of Hannover will discuss together with mayor Stefan Schostok, Oliver Frese chairman of Deutsche Messe AG , Kathleen Rahn director of the Kunstverein, Professor Tina Krügel from the Leibniz University and entrepreneur Oliver Waide from Smartsteuer GmbH what impulses it might take from the creative- digital sector to turn Hannover into a “Digital Loveable City”.


The work "Improvements to Frank-Wolfe optimization for multi-detector multi-object tracking" enabled Prof. Bodo Rosenhahn (member L3S) and his PhD-student Roberto Henschel to win the Multi-Object Tracking Challenge  (MOT17) . The price was awarded at CVPR-2017 during the BMTT-PETS workshop.

Dr. Sascha Fahl and his team co-authored three papers accepted at ACM CCS 2017. The ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) is the flagship annual conference of the Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control (SIGSAC) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and a premier venue for top-notch computer security research.

Professor Guillermo Payá-Vayá and Professor Holger Blume - both L3S members - won the "Stamatis Vassiliadis Best Paper Award" at the 17th International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation (SAMOS XVII).