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Categorization systems (also known as classification systems or taxonomies) have been found very useful, for example, for navigation in large digital libraries or for browsing very large result sets of a keyword search. The main problem, however, is to automatically maintain and create such categorization systems, especially in small or highly dynamic communities.

The Semantic GrowBag Project at L3S Research Center of the University of Hannover, Germany, uses the keywords provided in metadata annotations of digital objects collections to automatically create light-weight topic categorization systems. Using such emergent semantics enables an alternative way to filter large result sets according to the objects' content without the need to manually classify all objects with respect to a pre-specified vocabulary.

This work was partially supported by the European Networks of Excellence KnowledgeWeb and ViKEF and by the German Research Foundation DFG within the Emmy Noether Program of Exellence.

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