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When networked and autonomous systems assume increasingly complex tasks, it is essential to ensure their reliability. The term "dependability" encompasses qualitative as well as quantitatively measurable characteristics of systems such as availability, reliability, security, confidentiality and integrity. These features are fundamental to applications in the core areas of the L3S such as mobility (automated and connected driving), production in the industry 4.0 and health (medical technology).



Cyberangriffe gegen Unternehmen

Data Transparency Lab



ProfiT-HPC - Raising Awareness of HPC for Performance Engineering

High performance computing (HPC) has been established as a standard method in many scientific and engineering fields, with ever-growing numbers of researchers developing and using HPC applications with diverse background knowledge of HPC systems



Non-equilibrium Information and Capacity Envelopes: Towards a Unified Information and Queueing Theory


VPRO - Entwurf einer konfigurierbaren, massiv parallelen Computer-Vision Vektorprozessorarchitektur und einer Abbildungsmethodik für Anwendungen zur Objekterkennung auf eingebetteten Systemen

Design of a Configurable, Massive-Parallel Vector Processor Architecture for Computer Vision and a Framework for the Implementation of Object Recognition Applications for Embedded Systems