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The Internet, mobile communication, data science and artificial intelligence are leading to a profound change in society, influencing human behavior and decisions at all levels of social coexistence, the economy and politics. The active and positive shaping of this change can only be researched and accompanied by an interdisciplinary and international network in order to derive options for action, recommendations and innovation strategies for the economy, politics and society.

The L3S bundles the necessary core competences in the fields of computer science and law in order to develop intelligent, reliable and responsible systems for digital transformation.


Intelligent systems learn, without being explicitly programmed. They can acquire new skills, handle large amounts of data, and support autonomous intelligent decision making.

Networked and autonomous systems assume increasingly complex tasks. It is essential to ensure their reliability, safety and security, through appropriate design and deployment.

Intelligent system design has to include social, ethical and legal issues. Trustworthy systems are enabled through transparent decision making, explainable algorithms, and privacy by design.