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International Future Lab for Artificial Intelligence





A voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant for clinics





Managed Forgetting

Today's flood of information makes it more and more difficult to concentrate on the really relevant and important things.





Virtual and European data-driven innovation hub for entrepreneurial and creative projects to redesign the media value chain through responsible and innovative use of data


From perception to expectation to realization: comprehensive intermedia analysis on misinformation when migrating into the EU and potentially resulting threats.




Multimodal analysis of video and positional data for sports analytics

Intelligent synchronization and semantic enrichment of position and video data for the analysis of sports gamesa





Design and extension of artificial intelligence algorithms to map natural behavior






The core objective of NoBIAS is to research and develop novel methods for AI-based decision-making without bias




Complementary Application of Mathematical and Discrete-Event Models for Solving Complex Planning and Control Problems in the Offshore Construction Logistics







Paving the Way towards Personalized Prevention and Care of Severe Norovirus Gastroenteritis








Reverse Engineering Design of Software Product Lines for Automation Technology (REDSplat)






 A mapping of the origin and success of cooperation relationships in regional research networks and innovation clusters









ROXANNE - Real time netwOrk, teXt, and speaker ANalytics for combating orgaNized crimE







RuBICon (-OStnt)

Joint projects: RuBICon - Rule-Based Initialisation of Converter Dominated Grids

sub-projects: Methods for network reconstruction by decentralized generation plants




The interdisciplinary project SALIENT researches methods to detect learning intents and aims at improving retrieval performance accordingly during multimodal (learning-related) Web search






Knowledge Graph based Representation, Augmentation and Exploration of Scholarly Communication






Seamless Integration in Mechatronic Development

Automatic configuration of simulation environments and hardware components, and integration into test scenarios






Self-Learning Prediction Model for Completion Probability






Signal Coding for Binaural Signal Processing in Cochlear Implants