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Design and extension of artificial intelligence algorithms to map natural behavior





Creating Tractable Data Curation Workflows

Proposing of new data cleansing procedures by looking at previous procedures






A+B Komplexität
ABIDA – Assessing Big Data

ABIDA explores social opportunities and risks of the generation, linking and analysis of huge amounts of data and develops options for political action, research and development.


Organizing Knowledge about Neurodegenerative Disease Mechanisms for the Improvement of Drug Development and Therapy

AFEL - Analytics for Everyday Learning

The rise of the Web had a tremendous impact on how learning and knowledge acquisition takes place, specifically in social environments such as LinkedIn or Slideshare, where exchange of knowledge or resources are among the key motivations for interaction


The ALEXANDRIA project (ERC Nr. 339233) aims to develop models, tools and techniques necessary to explore and analyze Web archives in a meaningful way


The aim of the AMA project is s to build up the Applied Machine Learning Academy (AMA) based on a sustainable, flexible and applied qualification concept

APIS Group

APIS stellt personalisierte Dienste auf der Grundlage individueller Voreinstellungen bereit, die zu einem flexibel anpassbaren Profil gehören


The ARCOMEM project (FP7-IST-270239) addresses several new challenges to archives, museums and libraries in the age of social media.