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InclusiveOCW opens new professional perspectives to visually impaired people through digitally supported learning by interactive collaboration scenarios, crowdsourcing, internationalization and ubiquitous, accessible educational materials. The TIB contributes to the project by developing a system which automatically generates image descriptions which will allow visually impaired users to autonomously assess visual contents. The methodology will include detection and analysis of image types commonly used in didactic materials (such as photos, schemas and diagrams). 

The objective of the overall project is to make the educational platform SlideWiki accessible for visually impaired people. The biggest shortcoming of existing educational platforms is the missing availability of learning content which is accessible, good-quality and up-to-date. Collaborative creation and updating of accessible educational contents does not yet take place and learners (especially those with impairments) are insufficiently involved in the respective creation and update processes. The success of inclusive digital learning resources can be importantly increased if teaching personnel and learners create and update them in a collaborative manner. This project will enhance the collaborative OpenCourseWare authoring platform SlideWiki (co-developed by Frauenhofer IAIS) by functionalities which make these processes accessible for people with visual impairments.