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The Specialised Information Services for Pharmacy (Pharmacy SIS) aims at sustainable improvements of access to literature and of the information infrastructure for pharmacy. 

By developing an extensible and personalizable information infrastructure, the specific information needs of pharmaceutical research areas will be covered in an optimized way. Customizable value added services will be established, including a discovery system as a nucleus for a virtual research environment. Search results need to be specifically adapted to various research interests. In addition to bibliographic sources, specialists need data about active substances, enzymes and proteins, and the text-based information retrieval needs to be enhanced with chemical substructure search aided by a formula editor. The existing search interfaces will be enhanced, in cooperation with the Institute for Information Systems (IfIS) at Technische Universität Braunschweig, by adding new features for subject specific individualized search services. In direct collaboration with researchers, the specific search requirements of the various pharmaceutical disciplines will be explored. The findings will serve to add new pharmacy-specific features to the services already provided by the library.


The Pharmacy SIS will focus on the actual requirements and research interests of the scientific community and will extend its services continually according to feedback from scientists. There will be a board of scientific advisors monitoring the activities, formulating the strategy and the guidelines for operations and ongoing development as well as questions of quality assurance and others.