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Every year, more than half a million people from third countries move to Germany. Immigrants have to comply with numerous, often confusing and challenging rules and obligations. At Deutsch Express, the team aims to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand One-Window solution to guide the newcomers through their first steps and help them communicate with state institutions as well as commercial service providers such as insurance companies, language schools, banks etc.  This should make the first step towards integration easier.


Every year more than one million people of different origins and qualifications move to Germany for various reasons.  The biggest obstacles for these immigrants are the lack of language and cultural knowledge, the difficulties in dealing with authorities and finding the right services. The influx and integration of immigrants often fails because of the above-mentioned points, which is a major problem for the German economy and society.


The goal of the start-up is to build a bridge and make it easier for people immigrating to Germany or planning to move to Germany to get settled and integrate. It aims to provide a solution-oriented platform (website as well as mobile application) as a one-window solution to offer multilingual support in dealing with authorities and to arrange appointments in advance. In addition, services such as insurance, language schools, banking, etc. are to be offered.


The technological innovation of the system consists in simplifying and automating the entire bureaucracy and service related process for the immigrants through the application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Artificial intelligence (AI). The potential customers are the foreign immigrants from third countries as well as service providers, which in turn can be divided into government institutions (authorities, offices) and service providers (insurance companies, language schools, etc.). The cost-effective and time-efficient process design will significantly simplify and facilitate the procedures for the above mentioned problems of the immigrants. For the institutions, the workload will be reduced and the work and process planning will be made simple and effective. For the service providers, it offers more efficient workflow as well as wide reach and opportunities for new customer acquisition at relatively low cost.