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In the Project sponsored by the BMWi, PwC and the VHV-Foundation, we analyze how small and medium-sized enterprises are affected by cyberattacks and what they do to protect themselves. The Project contributes an increase of IT-Security in Germany.


While falling numbers of cases have been recorded in many crime areas in Germany in recent years, cybercrime offenses are becoming a growing phenomenon. Cybercriminals are focusing in particular on companies. Affected companies often experience enormous financial or competitive disadvantages as a result. Unlike large companies, small and medium-sized businesses often lack awareness of the potential dangers of cyberattacks as well as the possibilities and resources to effectively implement IT security.


Project Goal

The aim of the project is to comprehensively investigate the situation of IT security with regard to cyberattacks in Germany and to develop recommendations for action for companies and government authorities. The following research questions are guiding:

                To what extent are companies in Germany affected by cyberattacks?

                What are risk factors for cyberattacks?

                What are the consequences of such attacks?

                How do companies react to an experienced cyberattack?

                What role do state authorities play in this?