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Five questions for four doctoral students: Seham Nasr
Seham Nasr
Spotlight - Sophie is curious!

Seham, what are you working on right now?

My research interest is in explainable AI for clinical data and time series. Here I am researching for the use case of paediatric intensive care.

What do you find particularly exciting about your work?

What excites me most about the Leibniz AI Lab is the versatility of working on multidisciplinary projects. It's also exciting to work in an international team.

What made you decide to do a doctorate?

I realised that I have a passion for research in AI and machine learning. I want to grow, explore and learn more and get to a leading position in this field. Therefore, I have put all my efforts, interest and focus to achieve my goals. For me, the PhD is the first step towards achieving these goals.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy reading books on religion, psychology and sociology. I enjoy meditating and I like to go for walks with friends. Sometimes we cook together. On holiday I like to travel and discover new places.

What is your favourite place in Hanover?

In Hanover I especially like the Maschsee, the Berggarten and the picturesque old town.


Seham Nasr has been a PhD student at the Leibniz AI Lab since November 2021.

The questions were asked by Sophie Boneß.

Sophie Boneß is a communications staff member. Among other things, she is in charge of the Leibniz AI Lab.