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Nina Tahmasebi

Eight years ago, Nina Tahmasebi completed her Ph.D. at L3S. Now, as an associate professor of Natural Language Processing at the University of Gothenburg, she can boast another great success: Thanks to a grant of 3.3 million euros, she will continue pursuing her research topic on language change. Ten other researchers from different disciplines are involved in the "Change is Key!" project that will be funded for six years.

Nina Tahmasebi took the funding as an opportunity to thank her doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl, for the chance to do her Ph.D. at L3S. At that time, she had never felt like one of those top-notch students who do their doctorate at L3S. "It was only after I went back that I realized how different things were at L3S and how incredibly far ahead of others our environment was", she wrote to Professor Nejdl, who was delighted with Prof. Tahmasebi's success and the positive feedback.

For more information on her research project, please visit the website: