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Prof. Heuser diskutiert eine Genomanalyse mit seiner Mitarbeiterin Dr. Courteney Lai (Copyright: „Karin Kaiser / MHH“)

L3S Director Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl is a cooperation partner in the Hannover Medical School's structured doctoral programme on digital medicine. Starting in 2021, the new doctoral college will allow exceptionally talented students of medicine and computer science to jointly conduct challenging research on the topic of "Digital Transformation in Medicine". The Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation is funding the DigiStrucMed doctoral programme at MHH for an initial period of three years with a total of 800,000 euros to establish it at the university.

The digital transformation also makes it necessary to address medical education issues and research that arise through digitalisation in diagnostics and therapy. The main focus here is on digitally controlling data streams and developing new analytical methods to make digitisation useful for patient treatment. What is unique about the new doctoral programme DigiStrucMed is that clinic-related research questions are to be worked on jointly by students of medicine and computer science. "Often, medical software is not aligned with clinical needs. We aim to create a new forum for interdisciplinary exchange between physicians and computer scientists and thus promote mutual understanding between the two disciplines," explains the spokesperson of the new Else Kröner doctoral college Professor Dr. Michael Heuser, Senior Medical Officer at the MHH. With the new doctoral college, the MHH offers an innovative structure of cooperation between the subject areas of medicine and computer science.


Photo: Prof. Heuser discusses a genome analysis with his colleague Dr. Courteney Lai (Copyright: "Karin Kaiser / MHH")