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Prämierung der KI-Talente auf der TECHTIDE

Tom Wehrbein received the award "KI-Talent 2019" for his bachelor thesis "Representation of Human Motion using Neural Networks". The thesis was supervised at the Institute for Information Processing (tnt) of Leibniz Universität Hannover by L3S Director Prof. Bodo Rosenhahn and Mr. Bastian Wandt.

With this award, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labour, Transport and Digitisation (MW) honours young scientists who have done outstanding work in the field of artificial intelligence in Lower Saxony. The prize, worth 2,000 euros, was awarded three times each in the "Economy" and "Science" categories at the TECHTIDE Conference in Hanover on 3 December.

In his bachelor thesis Tom Wehrbein developed a series of neural networks to learn an efficient representation of valid human movements. The resulting models make it possible, among other things, to detect physically plausible skeletal positions and to restore faulty ones. This can be used to capture human movements from video data more reliably and precisely - for example in interactive 3D games or in human-robot collaboration in industrial production.