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Workshop "Künstliche Intelligenz: Stakeholder, neue Geschäftsmodelle und Dienstleistungen" on 30 July in Nuremberg


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the big issue for the future viability of the German economy. AI is regarded as a key technology and catalyst for innovation and also enables new types of business models and services.

In small working groups you will work - supported by creativity techniques and tools - on the prototypical development of new business models for artificial intelligence, based on the challenges of your company. You will also define stakeholder requirements and the service portfolio of an ecosystem in the field of AI.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge and takes place within the framework of the IIP-Ecosphere project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy as part of the "Artificial Intelligence as a Driver for Economically Relevant Ecosystems" programme.


Date: 30 July 2019, 9:30 to 16:30 hrs
Venue: JOSEPHS (Nuremberg)