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Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

Great succes for student team at AI programming competition at MIT


Members of the AI-Competition-Team of the Institute of Information Processing (TNT) have successfully participated in the programming competition BattleCode of the MIT in Boston.
The goal was to develop an artificial intelligence for a real-time strategy game. More than 600 student teams from all over the world took part in the competition. After the preliminary round, the team, consisting of Niclas Wüstenbecker, Paul Hindricks and Maximilian Schierr, was among the top 16 and could participate in the final round at MIT in Boston (TNT paid the travel expenses of the 3 students). There, they made it to the 9th place and belong to the top 10.

The AI-Competition-Team at the Institute of Information Processing is funded by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
Students are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learnt at university in practice.
Information about the tournament can be found at

The finals were also broadcast on twitch: