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Welcome at ABIDA – Assessing Big Data. Minister of Science and Culture of the State Lower Saxony visited the exhibition area of L3S Research Center and was very interested in the presented BMBF-funded collaborative project ABIDA. As an interdisciplinary research project, ABIDA endeavors to resolve the tension between the realization of innovation potentials on the one hand, and the protection of individual and social values on the other.

Big Data - the analysis of large amounts of data - affects almost all areas of life in our modern, digitized society. Networked computation, social networks and the Internet of Things lead to a rapid multiplication of data sources and volumes. In addition to the potentials of Big Data social challenges are becoming increasingly apparent. In particular, there are questions about commercial and governmental surveillance, privacy protection, transparency as well as errors in data use or automated decisions.

After a stimulating exchange between politics and science, among others about challenges for education sector and effects on the labor world, the visit of the minister ended with a warm thank you from Prof. Forgó, project coordinator L3S, Prof. Dr. techn. W. Nejdl, Executive Director L3S and Vice-president of Finance and Administration of the LUH, Dr. Chr. Strutz.

Picture: (from left: HVP Dr. Strutz (LUH) , Minister Heinen-Kljajić (MWK), Prof. Nejdl (L3S), Prof. Nejdl (L3S), Prof. Forgo (L3S/LUH) surrounded by ABIDA project members.