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At the end of 2011, the Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) of Lower Saxony confirms L3S additional financial support. With the amount of 900.000 Euro in total for the period 2011- 2013, the MWK supports the successful research work of the L3S in regard to the suggestions of the Wissenschaftsrat in 2010. With “Linked2Safety”, an EU financed project of the Seventh Framework Program, Prof. Nikolaus Forgó, Co-Chair of the Institute of legal informatics at the LUH, joined the board of L3S members since October 2011. Herewith he implements the new research field “Web Governance” at the L3S and started the extension in regard to issues in legal law of e-health and data protection. Further interdisciplinary research fields in context to psychology or sociology are in progress and might be integrated in the field s of „Society and Virtual Communities“ , soon. Prof. Nejdl, Executive Director of L3S, verifies, that the additional funding “Niedersachsen Vorab” of the MWK guarantees a further interdisciplinary growing in fundamental and application-oriented research in all areas of Web Science until 2013. “With a positive view, we are looking towards the exciting 2012 ”, Prof. Nejdl finalizes this news.