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GlycoRec will investigate how to improve everyday support for people suffering from diabetes by providing individual advices regarding everyday decisions that affect their health and well-being. Long-term monitoring and analysis of physiological data as well as context data will allow for more accurate predictions, which form the basis for targeted advices and recommendations. This will allow patients to recognize and adhere to patterns that affect their health in a positive manner.


Diabetes is a widely spread chronic disease that affects about 10% of the German population. Patients suffering from diabetes have to take many vital decisions on a daily basis, including: am I allowed to eat this, what is my blood sugar level, how much insulin should I take right now? Particularly elderly patients and those who have just been diagnosed with diabetes experience difficulties facing such decisions.


The GlycoRec project aims to develop a system that provides people who have diabetes with personalized support and advices for improving their everyday lives. For this purpose, the system will exploit data from a wide range of physiological sensors (including blood pressure, sugar level, weight) and contextual information (current location, day of week, motion).


GlycoRec will learn to generate successful recommendations and advices from long-term observation of users' routine patterns, deviation from these patterns, and the impact on the users' body measurements. GlycoRec benefits from the every increasing user acceptance an popularity of continuous measurement and feedback via smart watches and other devices.

Research area
Intelligent Access to Information