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The new highly networked, intelligent technologies offer the potential to radically reorganize production and service processes and redistribute work between humans and machines. In production, robots can communicate continuously with each other, for example, to detect and eliminate impending disturbances early on. The Internet of Things creates new possibilities for flexible yet efficient customer-specific production.



AMA - Applied Machine Learning Academy

The aim of the AMA project is s to build up the Applied Machine Learning Academy (AMA) based on a sustainable, flexible and applied qualification concept


Machine learning and signal processing for automatic analysis of sensor data


The BLINKER project is a collaboration between L3S and Goetting KG, a company which is specialized on driverless transportation systems

BOOST4.0 - Big Data for Factories

Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0

Cyberangriffe gegen Unternehmen

Cybercrime Research focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises


Feedback-less Machine-Type Communication

Interpreting Neural Rankers

Understanding decisions made by Deep Learned Models in Information Retrieval
(Amazon Research Grant)

MultiMonitor RB

A major design goal for wind turbines and its operation is to provide high efficiency


Reverse Engineering Design of Software Product Lines for Automation Technology (REDSplat)