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The digital networking of people, infrastructure and mobility carriers enables innovative solutions that sustainably change conventional mobility. Intelligent networking and big-data analytics can optimize the mobility parameters of road users and systems, as well as the mobility environment as a whole. Autonomous cars require a real-time understanding of the environment, the ability to adapt to a wide variety of conditions and the exchange of information about road users.


BLINKER - Localization and Navigation With a 360°-Camera

The BLINKER project is a collaboration between L3S and Goetting KG, a company which is specialized on driverless transportation systems

COVMAP - Comprehensive Conjoint GPS and Video Data Analysis for Smart Maps

During the past years, the availability of spatial data has grown rapidly


Data4UrbanMobility focuses on facilitating innovative mobility services and mobility-related infrastructure development in smart cities through comprehensive data analytics

Ganzheitliche Szenenanalyse

iFuse BMWi

MOBILISE – Mobility in Engineering and Science

Mobility is facing a wide variety of challenges while undergoing significant paradigm shifts at present


The goal of the Simple-ML project is to significantly improve the usability of Machine Learning processes in order to make them more accessible for a braod user group.


Starting in January 2015, SmokeBot is a project funded by the EU within the scope of the Horizon 2020 program

Graduiertenkolleg SocialCars

The focus of SocialCars is on significantly improving future urban road traffic, through cooperative approaches.

THINGS2DO - THIN but Great Silicon 2 Design Objects

THINGS2DO ist ein von der Europäischen Union und vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung im Rahmen der Technologieplattform eniac gefördertes Projekt