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Medical research and therapy have been increasingly IT-supported and networked. The aim is to enable a treatment adapted to individual patient needs (personalization) and put the patient at the center of the effort (patient orientation). This requires the collection and processing of mainly personal and often sensitive data and their transmission, not infrequently across national borders, and thus the cooperation of physicians, computer scientists and lawyers.



Organizing Knowledge about Neurodegenerative Disease Mechanisms for the Improvement of Drug Development and Therapy



BRaunschweig ENzyme DAtabase ist das weltweit größte Informationssystem für biochemische, molekularbiologische und funktionale Enzymdaten


CHIC proposes the development of a suite of tools and services in a secure infrastructure that will support accessibility and reusability of VPH mathematical and computational hypermodels, and will initially be tested in the cancer domain


GlycoRec will investigate how to improve everyday support for people suffering from diabetes by providing individual advices regarding everyday decisions that affect their health and well-being


Bringing together the largest well-characterized regional, national and international longitudinal cohorts of patients with Primary Sjögren Syndrome (pSS)


IASiS is an EU funded project that seeks to pave the way for precision medicine approaches by utilising insights from patient data

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