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"Paths through the hardware jungle" Cancelled: "Paths through the hardware jungle for your AI application" on 27 April 2020


Corvid19 Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, the L3S employees work mostly from home and can be reached by e-mail.


Binaire Künstliche Intelligenz Out now: Binaire magazine on research and qualification around the topic of artificial intelligence


Battlecode Student team of the KI-Laboratory successful in the final of the AI competition Battlecode at MIT

Students of the AI-Competition team at the Institute for Information Processing (TNT) and L3S have taken seventh place in the international AI competition Battlecode.

Ministerpräsident Stephan Weil besucht das L3S Prime Minister Stephan Weil visits L3S on 12 February

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, started his Lower Saxony trip on the topic of artificial intelligence on February 12th with a visit to the L3S.


IIP-Ecosphere IIP-Ecosphere: Kickoff meeting with all partners on 11 February

A lighthouse project of the L3S has started on 11.2.2020 with a kick-off event: "IIP-Ecosphere: Next Level Ecosphere for Intelligent Industrial Production".

5G Innovationswettbewerb 5G Innovation Contest: Hanover receives concept funding

The City of Hannover is receiving funding of 100,000 euros from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) for the "5G Access to Public Spaces" (5GAPS) concept.

Battlesnake Winter Classic 2019 LUH student team becomes Winter Classic Champion at the AI competition Battlesnake

Students of the AI-Competition team of the Institut für Informationsverarbeitung (TNT) and L3S have successfully participated in the AI competition Battlesnake.

Zukunftslabor Gesellschaft & Arbeit Zentrum für digitale Innovationen Niedersachsen (ZDIN): Kick-off of Zukunftslabor Gesellschaft & Arbeit at L3S

In Lower Saxony, the networked digitization research has begun.